11th curly word of 21 (HISTORY)


History is anything that is past recorded, weather about culture, food or people...(from Greek στορία - historia, meaning "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation") is the study of the human past (via wikipedia)

I actually involved my imagination, my time and my heart upon studying history, especially if it’s a national account. I love Sibika at Kultura and History subjects back at school. I felt excited whenever we researched about facts in relation to a particular person or any subject. I enjoyed watching BAYANI show at ABS-CBN when I was in grade 5 to 6. I care for our past: the heroes, what they accomplished, and why they died for a country so chaotic until now. It’s really heartbreaking to think of that after all their efforts… the freedom they were fighting for is still what we are trying to dig up again and again.

I and my HS friends: Kat and Cza went to CCP for Cinemalaya a while ago. We watched “Si Techie, Si Teknoboy, At Si Juana B” and then Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio”. I enjoyed the latter movie most for it was excellently done by Sir Mario O'Hara with his wonderful set of actors. I liked how the whole story was executed.

I’ve heard some tsismis about what really happened to Supremo before his death but with this movie, most stories were cleared up to me but left me more intrigued and hungry for truth. I felt really sad for this hero; there is no description how painful it’s for him to be punished after fighting hard for his motherland’s freedom. It was all politics. People had different agendas and many were guilty for choosing an easier life as some innocent Filipinos suffered because of these. And I never knew Pedro Giron until this movie. See http://lavidalawyer.blogspot.com/2005/11/part-two-of-famous-trial-of-andres.html for detailed testimony and stories.

I am sure that each individual today could make a difference and have the opportunity to win freedom. I believe that we will not need a hard-core people revolution over and over again. We just need to regain patriotism and learned from our very own history. We were blessed for our brave national heroes and outstanding leaders. We could change our providence, just set aside your personal interests once in a while and value your countrymen.

Anyhow, thank you dear Supremo. I salute your courage and your dear devoted people. Mabuhay ang Katipunan!

Surely, your name’s written in history
And your people celebrate your birthday every year
But your corpse still nowhere to be found
And your shrines were not appreciated

How could you fight for your first love’s liberty?
Was she even worthy for your undying courage?
With so much pain you just endured hard;
As his brothers were self-centered
Would you be disheartened to see your accomplishments?

by Madz Madaje