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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Discounted books at PCBS bookstore

Hello book lovers!

Good news! More affordable Christian books on sale!!!

Though I'm not sure if all PCBS (Philippine Christian Bookstore)  branches offer discounted books at the moment but their store at Farmers Plaza Mall sure does starting today, October 1 until October 15. Sayang, unavailable pa rin ang Lovestruck Sakit Edition book pati He Can Catch You When You Fall ni Miriam Quiambao. But I'm really happy to find Pastor Ed Lapiz' books on sale, parang halos lahat naging PhP100 -- sulit! I bought his "Bago Tumalon..." book, Grace Gaston-Dousel's "True Love Weds" also for PhP100 and a couple of children's books with cute illustrations: "Stories Jesus Told" and "Noah's Ark".

[We should not deceive ourselves into thinking that we are strong enough. At that moment when we least expect it, we may just be caught unaware and fall. "Don't be naive and self-confident. You're not exempt. You could fall flat on your face as easily as anyone else. Forget about self-confidence; it's useless. Cultivate God-confidence. No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; He'll never let you be pushed past your limit, He'll always be there to help you come through it." (1 Corinthians 10:12-13 (MSG) ~True Love Weds on temptations/Walking on a tightrope.

While Bago ka Tumalon book features the following interesting topics:
- 10 Questions to ask before committing suicide
- An anatomy of sorrow
- A closer look at depression
- When alone and lonely
- When down and out
- How to climb out of the pit
- How to maximize happiness
- Panalangin para sa mga nalulugmok at nawawalan ng pag-asa

Go visit and find more books at PCBS Farmers Plaza store.  Heyho to all friendly staffs! ^_^

Ayan... nakabawi rin to purchase some books kahit di ako nakapunta sa MIBF this last month. Okay, dapat madagdagan talaga ang sipag ko sa pagbabasa at willingness na tapusin bawat book. I have this bad habit kasi na kapag halfway na ko sa book - I get bored ako and then I switch to another book, eeer! I know, I know... this should not happen again. >_< #projectimprovementforbettercurly soooon!

Anyway, adding up to my Wednesday happiness... my McDonald's hot fudge sundae overload =P umaapaw o!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

KTnxBye Mario and Hello to OMF Lit bookshop, happy to visit again

Okay, I failed to visit MIBF 2014 (Manila International Book Fair) at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last September 17-21. Though my initial plan was to go there on a Saturday afternoon to meet and greet some of the OMF authors but due to tropical storm Mario, our home in Marikina City ungratefully welcomed at least four feet of flood water inside but still praise God, it's lower than we had during Ondoy or Habagat season. Again, my mother and I were just stuck at the second floor that Friday. Thanks God we're safe and special thanks to everyone who prayed for us. Then we did major cleanup during the weekend.

Marikina under state of calamity.

But there's still good news for me, OMF Literature bookshop extended granting discounts for new released and republished OMF titles from September 23 up to 30, 2014. And so last Tuesday night, I visited their branch at Il Terazzo, Timog and bought some books with 30% discount. Anyway, the new Lovestruck book Sakit Edition (with blue cover) of Pastor Ronald Molmisa is not available at the bookstore yet. I'm excited to have a copy of it, feeling ko makaka-relate ako ng sobra haha! But for the mean time, let's enjoy the sample chapter (available for download via OMF Lit), click here for the link. And of course, marami na naman tayong mababasang #hugotquotestokeepinmind mula sa Lovestruck book like...
"Lahat ng nag-endo kailangang maayos na maisara. After that, move on na!"
"Don’t forget the golden rule: iwas asa, para iwas nganga."

both photos -- from

Yes! At last I have Ardy Roberto's Real Men Are POGI; its 20% off! I'm done reading the first few pages... kwela agad! I know this is actually dedicated for all men but since I've heard a lot of good reviews about this book, I want to have deeper understanding what a real men should have. I'm very hopeful to see more men becoming POGI in God's ways. Real men should prioritize such pogi points on Purity, Obedience, Gentleness and Intense in pursuing intimacy with God. Read the excerpt here.

At the moment, I'm reading the review copy #SuperEpic authored by Mighty Rasing. I got this as a giveaway from OMF Bloggers Bookworm Meetup. I'll try to make a book review because I have to... kasi review copy nga e! So far I enjoy reading it, I'm halfway na at ngayon ko lang nakilala si Johnny Storm, nalaman na Scott Summers pala ang name ni Cyclops ng X-Men... hindi ako familiar sa maraming superheroes lalo na sa stories nila. Pero naniniwala akong maire-rekomenda ko talaga ito sa mga kabataan namin sa church dahil lahat tayo ay merong "powers to make a change in our world". Naks! By the way, this book is a new released title so you can buy this for PhP52.50 instead of P75 until the end of the month. Sample chapter is also available for download at OMF Lit's website, click here.
photo from / click the image for larger view

What's inside OMF Literature Il Terazzo bookshop and meet the kuya staffs
na dinaig si Jollibee sa pagiging jolly and accommodating! yan ang good customer service :)

Hanggang dito na lang muna... 1:44AM na!

Sorry... nauna po itong post na ito kesa sa nangyaring meetup with other bloggers sa OMF Lit... But soon... yeah!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Light Network Bloggers Meet-up

Yey! At last, I got to attend a couple of bloggers meet-up! Yesss.... "blogger"! Haha! After some years after I wrote my first blog post until many visited my page from time to time until this week, I can finally say that I'm really glad I decided to write my curly thoughts. And I really want to give all the credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is still walking with me in this journey. I'm blessed to meet awesome bloggers in person! We had so little time to share about ourselves and our blogs yet we had fun, got inspired and felt "connected".

And so this is the Part 1 of my story, all glory to God!

On September 10, 2014 I met with Light Network staffs Ms Ella and Sir Next, Tommy Walker's Live in Manila 2014 organizer Sir Bong, and my new found blogger friends Aira of amaeguerrero@wordpress and Joseph of transformedtobetransformer@tumblr. According to the email, we're invited to join an intimate gathering of Christian volunteer bloggers in Ortigas and when I arrived at the coffee shop, we're only few in numbers yet when the intentions, visions and personal testimonies were told... just amazing!

from L-R: Bro. Next, Bro. Joseph, Sis. Aira, Me, Sis. Ella, Bro. Bong

I remember Aira, she was very young when she started blogging and through her written journey of faith, a reader who was on planning to commit suicide had a change of heart. And Joseph, he is very eager to reach out more young people to Christ and he's preparing a talk for some students on learning how to blog. Because of their testimonies, I got really encouraged, motivated and blessed to be there that night. Plus the possible activities the bloggers might support are very exciting! So if you are a true witness of Christ and with a heart on serving the Lord, join the Light Network Bloggers' Group and share your gift on writing and blogging. Altogether let's promote Jesus Christ in world wide web. Email them at

Light Network (Kaibigan Mo!) by Zoe Broadcasting Network just launched the "I am Hope" awareness campaign that encourages personal commitment of bringing hope to life. And also to share the Gospel through online communication.

photo via I AM Hope Facebook page

Along with this, a life with purpose is not complete without positive inspirations such as good music that can uplift our Spirit. Hence, the said network is also promoting the benefit concert "Living in the Wonder" by Tommy Walker on November 11, 2014 at SM MOA Arena. Hmm.. not familiar with him? Same here at first. I Googled about him right away and then I learned that I was already actually singing some of his songs at our local church: these great worship songs are Only a God Like You, He Knows My Name, Thank You for Loving Me, I Fix My Eyes on You, Mourning Into Dancing, Lord I Run to You and many more. Mr Walker is an American worship leader/songwriter and still very active in the ministry. He had joined Franklin Graham, Rick Warren and Luis Palau and worked with Don Moen, Israel Houghton, Ron Kenoly, and many more. He visited the Philippines for several times. See his video invite below via Youtube.

The proceeds of the upcoming concert will go to Yolanda survivors in Tacloban. I'm praying for the success of this event in Jesus' Name: may it also not just touch the lives of the concert attendees and our people in Tacloban but will bring life transformation through God's love. The ticket prices range from PhP 280 (Gen Ad) up to PhP 4290 (SVIP) and are available via SM Tickets. Specials guests are Gloryfall, Victory Worship and just recently launched their album "Radical Love" also available in iTunes, Gospel Collective, Musikatha and Ignite Gospel Music Festival Season 2 Grand Winner (to be named on September 27 at Music Museum).

photo via SM Ticket
Check out these links for more informations:

Light Network


Tommy Walker Live in Manila 2014

In my next post, I'll talk about my experience at OMF Literature's Bloggers Bookworm Meet-up last night, September 12. So again, please wait for me!!! A blessed weekend everyone! Thanks God for everything!
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