POEMATIC (throwback) 24 Words

hmm.. random thought at the moment: how about leaving DeviantART?.. my reason? err..??!! IDK!
I am also not sure how I could backup all my posts; I could not find any generator like Friendster/Multiply's had for its users before finally closing...

but while browsing my DA gallery, I found this old DA post called "denying facts of 24 words" which I wrote on 8th of August, 2009. Here it goes...

Dreaming big,
  Talking small.

Thinking busy,
  Moving lazy.

Trying hard,
  Dropping easy.

Catching fast,
  Pushing slow.

Loving crazy,
  Hating wise.

Denying facts,
  Expressing lies.

What do you think? I love the irony here, complicated pictures of a satisfying thought. I think this piece was also written while I was at Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo... I actually went there solo. :D I did some soul searching back then haha!

Aww.. I miss doing some artsy craftsy.... I'm so lazzzzy to pick up an actual pen and jot down what's inside my curly crazy brain!!! :(

And Boy will meet Girl soon

Dear wonderful you,

I haven’t met you yet but I know you are wonderful…
For You are my Potter's work of art too
Soon, I'll be with you... please wait patiently.

Sincerely waiting,
Your love

Hey! so I've been trying to finish reading Joshua Harris’Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship... I actually bought that book almost 10 years ago and I haven't opened it until some weeks ago. I just grabbed it from the bookstore’s shelf just to add it in my book collections right after I purchased I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I was also dating someone then and I was pretty overwhelmed with what’s happening on our relationship that’s why reading both books was not in my priority list. I realized that I was very in need but not ready, stubborn, self-centered and impatient that time, eer!!! But last month, as I was praying for God’s best for me: I found this book again. I opened it, read it day by day. I took notes of the author’s insights that gave impact to me the most and prayed to God to guide and mold me according to His best design to be that someone’s God’s best too. I recommend this book; very easy and fun to read and relate with. I love how Mr. Harris defines important details in courtship as guided by the Lord's plans.

In my journey with the Lord, my life with Him keeps getting better. The Lord knows the desires of my heart and I want to live this single season of my life to be worth it and more committed to Him than ever. Of course, my shortcomings and imperfections are still present but now I am secured by God’s promises. In God’s hands, my future is protected. In God’s love I am not wounded and will never be.

Sharing you today few songs that give encouragements to us who are waiting for "that" special season. True love waits and our Great Author is writing our love story. 

POEMATIC 08.03.14 Seven days

Seven days could be too long 
For an impatient heart of greed 
But because of Your Word 
I received calmness each day 
Your soft whisper gave more impact 
It silenced my crowded mind 
I put my hope in Your Word [a] 
Do as You promised [b] 
Seven days could not be too long
For a changed heart 
You continue to mold 
I am here waiting for Your promise to come true 
The days are coming [c]
Do as You promised 
Nothing is too hard for You [d]

 ~Madz Madaje, 08/03/14 1:16PM

It’s been a while since I wrote something in here specially a literary piece. But few minutes ago, my heart’s so overwhelmed with excitement for God’s promises to happen in my life. I’m in my current journey with Him and I know He won’t let go of me no matter what. So I encourage you my dear readers to continue to walk by faith and not by sight. It’s really hard to wait for something you don’t even know what it is but trust in Him more and more, read His Word, He’ll find you, He’ll guide you.

What I wrote above were the result of my devotions since I started my new journey with the Lord. Remember these Bible verses and hold on to His promises for He is ever-faithful.
 [a]  Psalm 119:74
 [b]  2 Samuel 7:25
 [c]  Jeremiah 33:14
 [d]  Jeremiah 32:17