POEMATIC (throwback) 24 Words

hmm.. random thought at the moment: how about leaving DeviantART?.. my reason? err..??!! IDK!
I am also not sure how I could backup all my posts; I could not find any generator like Friendster/Multiply's had for its users before finally closing...

but while browsing my DA gallery, I found this old DA post called "denying facts of 24 words" which I wrote on 8th of August, 2009. Here it goes...

Dreaming big,
  Talking small.

Thinking busy,
  Moving lazy.

Trying hard,
  Dropping easy.

Catching fast,
  Pushing slow.

Loving crazy,
  Hating wise.

Denying facts,
  Expressing lies.

What do you think? I love the irony here, complicated pictures of a satisfying thought. I think this piece was also written while I was at Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo... I actually went there solo. :D I did some soul searching back then haha!

Aww.. I miss doing some artsy craftsy.... I'm so lazzzzy to pick up an actual pen and jot down what's inside my curly crazy brain!!! :(