Who told you that?

[We read that when God confronted Adam and Eve after their sin, “He said, ‘Adam, who told you that you were naked? In other words, ‘Who told you that something was wrong with you?’ God immediately knew the enemy had been talking to them. God is saying to you today, ‘Who told you that you don’t have what it takes to succeed?’”] derived from Joel Osteen’s Become a Better You book

It’s been a long time since I started struggling with thinking of wrong things. I am actually a negative thinker but I try to encourage my friends and others through positive words yet in reality, my mind is a mess. I am always preoccupied. I am convicted of this attitude; I am sinning because of this. But thank God for He gives me good people who are faithful and with good thoughts. And people like Joyce Meyer, Joel and Victoria Osteen, John Maxwell and Filipino Christians – Maloi Salumbides and Pastor Ed Lapiz are really helpful to me. They provide genuine teachings to help change an attitude and know more about God’s good, acceptable and perfect will for us.

And so I would like to share an excerpt derived from John Maxwell’s book, Thinking for a Change. I assure you, this would help a lot. Also featured at John Maxwell on Leadership website

[ I’ve studied successful people for forty years, and though the diversity you find among them is astounding, I’ve found that they are all alike in one way: how they think!

That is the one thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones. And here’s the good news. How successful people think can be learned. If you change your thinking, you can change your life!


Do you want to master the process of good thinking? Do you want to be a better thinker tomorrow than you are today? Then you need to engage in an ongoing process that improves your thinking. I recommend you do the following:
click image for larger view /
may use as screen wallpaper to keep in mind of repeating the process of good thinking

You and Your Best Friend

I saw these two adorable girls at UP Diliman sunken garden, not sure if they were sisters or best friends... but one thing's for sure, they're having their good time together! Aww I miss my childhood friends....

A friend loves at all times  (Prov 17:17)

Keep Moving

PHOTOGRAPHY + PP by Madz Madaje /  Location: UP Diliman  /  with my officemates-friends Maica and Miqo

You don’t need to know where you’re going
if you know God is leading.

With God’s Word as your map and His Spirit as your compass, you’re sure to stay on course.

In some ways, our perspective is more important than our experiences. “The things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). Our sufferings will diminish in importance when compared to the glory that awaits us.

SOURCE: Our Daily Break / Keep Moving (results)

Random Roundup: Glitters and Silvers

As I was browsing some design blogs, there I found BHLDN ~ inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep”.

BHLDN roots are with Antropologie and they offer lots of items from dresses to accessories to decors! BHLDN also has a page where you can create pretty moodboards and organize your tidbits and express your vision.

Here are some of the glitter and silver items I just loved!

Cinemalaya 2011

Whoooo the Cinemalaya Festival 2011 is happening again and this time, a new location is added to reach wider audience. 2 theaters at Greenbelt 3, Makati will be dedicated to Cinemalaya on July 16-24, 2011.

At the CCP, the Festival will be held in 7 venues. The opening ceremony is slated on July 15, 6:00 pm followed by the festival opening film at the CCP Main Theater. The Cinemalaya Awards Night will be held on July 24, 7:00 pm at the same venue.

31 digital films in competition, plus more than a hundred in exhibition, new sections, and a second festival venue all make Cinemalaya bigger and better this year. With the tagline in festival ads beckoning audiences to “See the Unseen”, Cinemalaya films this year tackle such themes as passion, memory, truth, despair, obsession, terror and splendor.

New sections will spice up this year's Cinemalaya menu. Focus Asia will feature eight independent works by Asian directors from Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. The Ronwaldo Reyes Retrospective, presented in cooperation with the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film, will highlight the directorial works of National Artist Fernando Poe Jr., better known to Filipinos as an action star. The Cinemalaya Documentary section, presented in cooperation with Calata Corporation, offers a hefty and more substantial helping of films on various aspects of Philippine life and society.

Ticket costs P150 per screening.

Amok (Amok) by Lawrence Fajardo
Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank) by Marlon Rivera and Chris Martinez
Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (The Dance of Two Left Feet) by Alemberg Ang and Alvin Yapan
Bahay Bata (Baby Factory) by Eduardo W. Roy, Jr. and Jerome Zamora
Cuchera by Joseph Israel M. Laban
I-libings: Your Loss, Our Luck (E-funerals) by Rommel Andreo Sales
Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me by Noel Ferrer, Jerry Gracio, and Erick Salud
Nino by Loy Arcenas
Teoriya (Father's Way) by Alistaire Christian E. Chan

Bisperas (Eve) by Jeffrey Jeturian stars Tirso Cruz III, Raquel Villavicencio, Julia Clarete
Busong (Palawan Fate) by Auraeus Solito stars Alessandra de Rosi 
Isda (Fable of the Fish) by Adolfo Alix Jr. stars Cherrie Pie Picache and Bembol Roco
Patikul by Joel C. Lamangan stars Marvin Agustin and Glaiza de Castro

Debut by Pamela Llanes Reyes
Every Other Time by Gino M. Santos
Hanapbuhay (Source of Living) by Henry Frejas
Hazard by Mikhail Red
Immanuel by Gabriel "Gio" Puyat
Nino Bonito by Rommel "Milo" Tolentino
Oliver's Apartment by Misha Balangue
Samarito (Samaritan) by Rafael L. Santos
Un Diutay Mundo (One Small World) by Ana Carlyn V. Lim
Walang Katapusang Kwarto (An Endless Room) by Emerson Reyes

Also check the Cinemalaya website!

Oxygen x Status Mag Contest: NEXT TOP STYLIST

Oxygen and Status just launched its newest contest looking for the Next Top Stylist in the Metro.

Just send a full body photo of the person you styled or yourself along with your name, address and contact number to info@statusmagonline.com. Make sure to include a piece of Oxygen clothing in that photo.

Winners get a chance to assist in a fashion editorial spread in Status Magazines's September Style issue.

For updates, follow (@statusmagazine) and(@oxygenclothing)on Twitter.

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Random Roundup: Decision Making

a portrait via Facebook
John C. Maxwell sure knows how to encourage and inspire people to lead by example.

"Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best." –John C. Maxwell

I like his Facebook page and I am also moved by almost all the quotes he found by random people. Here are some of my favorites.

06.02.11 Welcome to the Aftermath - Hillsong United in Manila 2011


06.02.11 Found in the Aftermath

Hillsong Publishing Music Conference Manila 2011

Tonight’s Aftermath concert did not fail me. Up with high energy level, Hillsong United truly showed an exceptional skill and gift in music. Worshiping was taken to greater intensity and the whole crowd in Araneta Coliseum were all crazy dancing around, singing their hearts out loud and praising Him to the fullest. Filipinos are just really loud, I observed and it’s okay for me because I’m one of them hahaha!

I went alone but I enjoyed the company of thousands of people finding themselves on total surrender to Jesus. My energy’s up too and I was just happy and enjoying every song. I took all the opportunity to be more personal to Jesus. I did not care whether my seatmates find me overexcited or just awkward hahaha! I used this another moment to be truly honest to God.

The show called “Welcome to the Aftermath” started at 8PM with black and white video clips, cornflake ad and with a male host in black suit... actually more of a “Welcome to the Twilight Zone” hehe then a song by the Beatles was played, “All You Need is Love”.

Here’s the Aftermath / Hillsong United in Manila 2011 concert setlist with the album it came from and/or first featured:

1. Go                     [Aftermath album/2011]
2. Break Free             [All of the Above album/2007]
3. You                    [All of the Above album/2007]
4. Take it All            [More than Life album/2004]
5. Search my Heart        [Aftermath album/2011]
6. Mighty to Save         [Live: Mighty to Save album/2006]
7. Hosanna                [Live: Saviour King album/2007]
8. All I Need is You      [Look to You album/2005]
9. Nova                   [Aftermath album/2011]
10. Aftermath             [Aftermath album/2011]
11. Freedom is Here       [A_Cross // the_EARTH: Tear Down The Walls album/2009]
12. Shout unto God        [Look to You album/2005]
13. Like An Avalanche     [Aftermath album/2011]
14. Rhythms of Grace      [Aftermath album/2011]
15. Oh You Bring          [A_Cross // the_EARTH: Tear Down The Walls album/2009]
16. From the Inside Out   [We Stand album/2005]
17. With Everything       [Live: This is our God/2008]
18. Your Name High        [Live: This is our God/2008]
19. Yours Forever         [A_Cross // the_EARTH: Tear Down The Walls album/2009]
20. One Way               [More than Life album/2004] << Filipinos were asking for this every time the lights go out, so there, Hillsong United made it as tonight’s show finale!
     **The Stand         [We Stand album/2005] << I can’t remember when this was performed, my bad :( I think this was sang after the “Aftermath” or maybe “Rhythms of Grace”? They just got some clip from lyrics of The Stand. [So I'll stand / With arms high and heart abandoned / In awe of the One who gave it all / So I'll stand / My soul Lord to You surrendered / All I am is Yours]

** This image is owned by Madz Madaje. Please give proper credit when used. Link source upon re-posting.
Thank you and be blessed!

I love how the band did not focus on themselves as performers but they gave all the credit to God. Hearing loud but good music live and crowd at the top of their lungs praising Him altogether was overwhelming, felt like you do not want the show to end. The band members did not even bother to introduce themselves. I was humbled by their attitude. Just SERVANTS of HIM indeed.

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

Hillsong United encouraged everyone who accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior for the first time tonight and who wants to have a fresh start with their relationship with God to do 3 things:

1. Tell the world I/You decided to FOLLOW HIM
2. Read the Bible, His Word
3. Go to Church

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

The worship leaders noticed and mentioned that the "JESUS, JESUS" chant will never be removed from the Filipinos after hearing the loud chant every time the lights went off. “ASTIG”, one from them said.

I am excited for their next concert event here. But they are right with saying... [We don’t need these (loud music, big space—to summarize, a grand happening) to worship... God doesn’t need all of these, because He is already God.]

[God is not looking for perfect people… but someone with hands up saying to the Lord, “I AM YOURS”.]

[There’s no limit what He can do for you, for your life.]

Anyway, Hillsong Church will also release their latest album, “God is Able” (the twentieth album in the live praise and worship series) on July 29, 2011. It was recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia by Reuben Morgan, Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong Worship Team.

06.02.11 Found in the Aftermath

Photography + Editing by Madz Madaje. 
“I'm a work in progress”... a phrase that used by the Lord tonight to give confirmation that I am doing the right thing.

Tonight’s Hillsong United concert event was really life-changing for me... O.A. na ba? No. I was expecting for this. Other than being excited to witness Hillsong United being back to Manila again after three years, I just knew from the start that all things that happened tonight would contribute for my betterment. It’s just I never knew that I’d be in a certain situation this time.

But things happen, God’s ways happen. And tonight, after I left Araneta Coliseum, I was too thirsty and I decided to go to Mercury Drugstore in Cubao (near Gateway/Philam Life building) but it was closed already. So I thought about going home but I just went to McDonald’s instead... bought Monster Coke Float until before exiting, I looked around and there I saw my friend, Joy. The last time we met was last year, month of September. We were both surprised to see each other and we shared stories immediately. I thought she also just came from the concert and if she’s waiting for a friend. But she told me that she didn’t even know why she’s there. She met a friend minutes ago but she was like led by the Lord to seat at McDo and just wait. Then, it’s God’s way! I need a friend tonight, a good company. Joy is a Christian too and I’m really overwhelmed of her transformations. We never expected that she’d turn into a very committed lady and servant of God. The Joy I knew back in grade school to high school years was very picky and snobbish. But there, “the old has gone, the new has come / 2 Cor 5:17” God changed her, she just obeyed. She surrendered her life, she has humbled down and I am so proud of her. And I’m excited to see more of her. Surely, God knows how to open her heart and mind then lead her to the path He prepares for her. We talked for more than an hour and our conversation really helped me.

My spirit’s more uplifted now... also with the help of awesome worship event with Hillsong United. I need to think of more positive thoughts. I must remember who I am to the Lord, what’s my relationship to Him, on what’s my stand on being her child and follower. I need to recheck who I am now and who/what I am becoming into. The world’s is consuming me bit by bit and I am actually aware of that. I am found in the aftermath but tonight I decided to make a stand.

[And I find myself here on my knees again / Caught up in grace like an avalanche
Nothing compares to this love love love / Burning in my heart ~ Hillsong United’s Like an Avalanche]

I will proclaim Your love. Jesus, You are my Savior and friend. I am nothing without You.

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UPDATE 06.01.11 Hillsong United in Manila 2011

TICKET UPDATE: There will be selling of SRO (standing room only) tomorrow at Araneta Coliseum ticket booth starting at 5PM! (via Becca Music Inc @ Facebook)


EXTENDED UPPER A (P700) AND EXTENDED UPPER B (P400) have sections STAMPED in front of the ticket, as well as a WAIVER attached to every ticket. It SHOULD HAVE the SECTION assigned and a SIGNED WAIVER AT THE BACK.

UPON ENTRY, ticketing staff will look for:

1. Price of ticket (P700/P400)
2. They will look for the ATTACHED WAIVER and the SECTION STAMPED to direct you to your seat.

Video cameras and DSLR cameras will be confiscated by Araneta until the end of the event. BMI and Araneta will not be liable for theft or loss.  (via Becca Music Inc @ Facebook)

Alright, I'll be good. I won't bring my DSLR anymore :P

Who's excited for tomorrow? Me!!! (both hands extending upward) hahaha and this is the very first big concert that I will be going alone! but at least, I know I'll be with thousands of people with one heart and one soul ;) C'mon all, let's worship the Lord big time! and let's pray for the Hillsong United members to have the full guidance and anointing from God! His NAME is above all names!

To anyone, trying to sell tickets for way too high prices, please stop it. Be fair. If you won't, God will be your judge. He's merciful but just. Help the people who want to experience the PURE WORSHIP event at Araneta tomorrow night. You'll be blessed if you're honest and humble, that's for sure!

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Spotted: Ed Westwick in Manila update

WELCOME to the Philippines ED WESTWICK!
and welcome to Penshoppe and Golden ABC family.

Behind the scenes: today's shoot with ED WESTWICK for PENSHOPPE 

Press conference and private party tomorrow!
(still have no idea regarding the venues, bleh :P)

So happy for my two officemates who won Golden ABC's internal contest for employees to Meet and Greet with Ed Westwick tomorrow! Excited for you guys, hugs! Dream come true!!!

For more updates, just follow Penshoppe @ Twitter too!

Hillsong Publishing Music Conference Manila 2011


Don't miss Hillsong Publishing's Music Conference Manila this coming July 16, 2011 from 8:30AM - 5:30PM at 5/F CCF Auditorium St. Francis Square Bldg. (beside SM Megamall and Podium).

Official launch will be this June 2,at the Hillsong United Concert at the Araneta Coliseum.

The Head Manager of Hillsong Publishing, Steve Mcpherson, will hold a conference for over 3,000 Filipinos to share his knowledge on worship leading, copyright laws, and song writing.

Ticket prices are only PHP 1000. However, for the "early birds" who will buy their tickets before June 30, 2011, tickets will be sold for PHP 800 only.
*Workbooks containing the topics to be discussed are included in the ticket price.

TICKETS ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE! Call BMI at 910.5524 or 910.5352.

source: BECCA MUSIC website

image via Hillsong United blog