UPDATE 06.01.11 Hillsong United in Manila 2011

TICKET UPDATE: There will be selling of SRO (standing room only) tomorrow at Araneta Coliseum ticket booth starting at 5PM! (via Becca Music Inc @ Facebook)


EXTENDED UPPER A (P700) AND EXTENDED UPPER B (P400) have sections STAMPED in front of the ticket, as well as a WAIVER attached to every ticket. It SHOULD HAVE the SECTION assigned and a SIGNED WAIVER AT THE BACK.

UPON ENTRY, ticketing staff will look for:

1. Price of ticket (P700/P400)
2. They will look for the ATTACHED WAIVER and the SECTION STAMPED to direct you to your seat.

Video cameras and DSLR cameras will be confiscated by Araneta until the end of the event. BMI and Araneta will not be liable for theft or loss.  (via Becca Music Inc @ Facebook)

Alright, I'll be good. I won't bring my DSLR anymore :P

Who's excited for tomorrow? Me!!! (both hands extending upward) hahaha and this is the very first big concert that I will be going alone! but at least, I know I'll be with thousands of people with one heart and one soul ;) C'mon all, let's worship the Lord big time! and let's pray for the Hillsong United members to have the full guidance and anointing from God! His NAME is above all names!

To anyone, trying to sell tickets for way too high prices, please stop it. Be fair. If you won't, God will be your judge. He's merciful but just. Help the people who want to experience the PURE WORSHIP event at Araneta tomorrow night. You'll be blessed if you're honest and humble, that's for sure!

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