Random Roundup: EDSA Summer Sky

Ewan ko... pero ang ganda ganda ng langit lately!

Mababaw lang kaligayahan ko... naaalala ko... naaaliw na ko makita ang mga ulap na may magandang kulay at texture... (pwede hakawan? toink. pero pampatulog ko dati nung bata ako ang pagtulala sa langit tuwing hapon)

At kaya masayang masaya din ako kapag maaga ako umuuwi from the office kasi may ganito pa akong nakikita hahaha

Praise you God, ang ganda ng artwork Mo po! clap clap!

PHOTOGRAPHY by Madz Madaje / No PP / Camera: SE Naite Cellphone ♥

A signal in the sky or something
To help explain the thing that you've become
(from Audible's Sky Signal song)

Pag di mo makita ang iyong langit, tumingin ka sa ULAP
(from Hale's Ulap song)

The sun is sure to shine for you and me for everyone
So don't be sad it's just the start of a new beginning in your life
(from Hale's Blue Sky song

Curly Listening 04.29.11 Long Live

PHOTOGRAPHY by Madz Madaje (1st Photo) EDSA sky - March 2011 (2nd photo) Zambales sea - April 2011
LINES FROM: (1) Begin Again by Colbie Caillat  (2) Long Live by Taylor Swift  (3) Superman by Taylor Swift
(4) Falling In by Lifehouse  (5) Rolling in the Deep by Adele


1.       Pray. Thank God for giving His only Son to save His people from DEATH because of SIN
2.       Pray. Praise God for He works marvelously in our lives and we live favorably until now
3.       Pray. Ask God for forgiveness for all offenses and say sorry to every single one we hurt
4.       Pray. Forget the pain people had caused you
5.       Start my spiritual journal! A journal where I will write my favorite Bible verses, my reflections and I choose to write positive things only.
6.       Tomorrow… go to Potipot, Zambales with my loved ones! Snorkeling paraphernalia and underwater, all ready!

photo via philippinesbudgettravel.com

7.       Thursday-Friday… take pictures, play with my beautiful nieces and nephew, write to my journal, eat, rest, swim and take pictures again!!!!!!
8.       On Friday night… blog about our Potipot experience
9.       On Saturday morning, Tofi to take a bath
10.   On Saturday afternoon, spruce up my space (will try to follow Decor8’s 8 Ideas on Interior Styling)
11.   On Saturday night / Sunday afternoon… time to make DIY notebook jackets!
12.   On Easter Sunday, attend the worship service in the morning! Be early to church, will help the Sunday School teachers assist the kids who will perform a song/dance number
13.   Sunday night… laundry.
14.   Sunday night… Pray. Thank God for everything. Praise Him for His goodness. Write to journal. Sleep…. Get ready / set my heart for Monday! Yey!

I pray… that God will lead me… Whenever all my to-do(s) are to change, I know it’s for better.

Even so, I have noticed one thing, at least, that is good. It is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun during the short life God has given them, and to accept their lot in life. ~ Ecclesiastes 5:18

04.16.11 Youth Factor 4: Purity

The teens of our Church, God is Sovereign in Ampid, and I went to the Youth Factor 4: Purity event in Ynarez Sports Arena, Pasig City yesterday – April 16. It was my second time to join the conference and worship celebration. The ticket cost PhP110 but if you purchased it on or before March 16, you’d be able to get it for PhP85 only. Regretful as it was that I was just informed last March twenty-something when I received a text message from PCEC and so we had to buy tickets at the venue instead. But we arrived at Ynarez at 8:30am and the event started at 8am. We were able to pay the entrance fee but “without the tickets”, we just got stamped.

In addition to the consequences about the group being late, we also had to fall in line under the extreme heat of the sun and the line was really long already! At first, the organizers, security, did not know what to do. Many paid for the fees but without tickets and some organizers already informed some that the venue was also jam-packed by that hour. The line’s not moving and so there were people who cut into the queue, argh! I was getting impatient and so annoyed. As I asked the security regarding how come they’re letting people come in quick without falling in line, the guard just gave me a very frustrating answer, “Ma’am, you should ask your organizer regarding the system and just fall in line.” I said, “My friends are already  falling in line and the line’s too long now and we are getting burned, maybe you’re not supposed to let others pass without falling in line” but of course, he just gave me a frown. Raaaah! hahaha ang usapang fall-in-line

After that, I went back to my churchmates and thank God, we finally moved and entered the venue but as expected, seats were all occupied and we had to seat at the stairway instead. The worship band was done with their songs and the first speaker, Pastor Pabs Dionisio was just starting his talk. He was discussing of Pure Mind. His lecture was so similar to Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind... Good thing he was comic then so my irritation was lessen.

From Pastor Pabs Dionisio

Mind your mind. Kung anong hinahanap mo, yun lang ang makikita mo / You can only find what you're looking for.

Defeating an enemy does not make you a WINNER but the journey to VICTORY will start there.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. ~ Romans 12:2

BETTER FINDS: Photography Cheat Sheet

Still having a hard time on what camera setting to use?

You have a DSLR camera or a powerful point-and-shoot camera but still confused with the terms and buttons so you cannot maximize your camera and your time. Well, here's the Photography Cheat Sheet which I think could help newbies and confused hobbyist / photographers.

Plus, bonus DIY photography tip... use a SIMPLE BOUNCE FLASH DIFFUSER which helps eliminate strong light and shadows and even red eye. Prepare a 3×5″ white card and attach under the flash and bent at a 45 degree angle. [source]

UPDATE 04.07.11 Hillsong United in Manila 2011

Got the concert schedule already!
Hillsong United in Manila 2011
concert will happen
on June 2, Thursday at Araneta Coliseum!
7:30pm - ____pm

Hillsong United Aftermath Tour Manila 2011 presented by Becca Music Inc.

Ticket Prices
VIP                P1800
Patron             P1500
Lower Box          P1500
Upper A            P800
Upper B            P500

General Admission  P300

Tickets will be available starting April 11 (Monday).Call Becca Music Office hotlines
 at 910.5352 or 910.5524 to reserve your tickets!

Eeee I am super excited!

READ INITIAL POST regarding the upcoming concert, click here

RISK is not spelled S-T-U-P-I-D

faith is spelled R-I-S-K
but risk is not spelled S-T-U-P-I-D

(Pastor Brian Houston in Heart&Soul Night at Hillsong Church)


A good advice from Miss Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides of Protips via DZAS AM Station last February 24, 2011.

How to take risks in your work and life?

What’s your comfort zone?

First check if you become restless, you are no longer at peace where you are... And you only contribute to increase negativity to other people due to whining and mocking all the time. Perhaps, you have made your place of work your comfort zone and because of that, you are robbing yourself of bigger opportunities!


dahil kung ano na lamang ang ating nakasanayan at nakapamihasnan, doon na lang tayo

Many want to be in-control of their own actions and lives, people want to know everything but our ability is limited. Only God is infinite and only God knows everything and sovereign to control things.

Also available in MP3 format, download here

Hillsong United in Manila 2011


06.02.11 Welcome to the Aftermath - Hillsong United in Manila 2011

06.02.11 Found in the Aftermath

UPDATE 06.01.11 Hillsong United in Manila 2011 

Hillsong Publishing Music Conference Manila 2011

UPDATE 04.07.11 Hillsong United in Manila 2011

UPDATE 04.07.11 : Got the concert schedule already!

Hillsong United in Manila 2011 concert will happen
on June 2, Thursday at Araneta Coliseum!
7:30-____PM [click here for ticket price list]


Yes, after 3 years of waiting, Hillsong United is coming back to Manila to promote AFTERMATH -- 12th full-length album and second studio album which was released last February. I can’t wait to see them and experience a huge worship concert.

I failed to go to Hillsong United’s Concert in Araneta last May of 2008 and heard that the event was really amazing. But last year, I went to Hillsong Live with Darlene Zschech concert which was also held in Araneta. Nakaka-bless yung experience! Anyway, Hillsong United is the Youth Ministry of Hillsong Church in Australia while Hillsong Live is the congregational expression of worship from the same Church which includes the United band.

No specific date nor tour schedule is posted at Hillsong United’s webpage yet Becca Music Inc. had already announced on their webpage that Manila is a part of their concert tour in Asia this June,2011.

Are you excited? I am excited! I’ll start saving.

Anyway, here is a list of the ticket prices for Hillsong United’s concert in Araneta last 2008. So we could get an idea how much the tickets for this year’s concert would probably concert. Maybe we’ll have to add P500-P1,000 extra rate this time.

Patron - P1162 reserved seating (2008 rate)
Lowerbox - P930 reserved seating (2008 rate)
Upper A - P698 reserved seating (2008 rate)
Upper B - P465 free seating (2008 rate)
Gen Ad - P291 free seating (2008 rate)

Buy your copy of Aftermath album at House of Praise stores and PCBS bookstores near you. Let us declare His name.

“Come let Your glory arise and shine as the nations collide with Your story /
Love overtaking our lives, arise as our hearts come alight with Your glory” - lyrics from the 9th track of Aftermath called Nova 

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