04.16.11 Youth Factor 4: Purity

The teens of our Church, God is Sovereign in Ampid, and I went to the Youth Factor 4: Purity event in Ynarez Sports Arena, Pasig City yesterday – April 16. It was my second time to join the conference and worship celebration. The ticket cost PhP110 but if you purchased it on or before March 16, you’d be able to get it for PhP85 only. Regretful as it was that I was just informed last March twenty-something when I received a text message from PCEC and so we had to buy tickets at the venue instead. But we arrived at Ynarez at 8:30am and the event started at 8am. We were able to pay the entrance fee but “without the tickets”, we just got stamped.

In addition to the consequences about the group being late, we also had to fall in line under the extreme heat of the sun and the line was really long already! At first, the organizers, security, did not know what to do. Many paid for the fees but without tickets and some organizers already informed some that the venue was also jam-packed by that hour. The line’s not moving and so there were people who cut into the queue, argh! I was getting impatient and so annoyed. As I asked the security regarding how come they’re letting people come in quick without falling in line, the guard just gave me a very frustrating answer, “Ma’am, you should ask your organizer regarding the system and just fall in line.” I said, “My friends are already  falling in line and the line’s too long now and we are getting burned, maybe you’re not supposed to let others pass without falling in line” but of course, he just gave me a frown. Raaaah! hahaha ang usapang fall-in-line

After that, I went back to my churchmates and thank God, we finally moved and entered the venue but as expected, seats were all occupied and we had to seat at the stairway instead. The worship band was done with their songs and the first speaker, Pastor Pabs Dionisio was just starting his talk. He was discussing of Pure Mind. His lecture was so similar to Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind... Good thing he was comic then so my irritation was lessen.

From Pastor Pabs Dionisio

Mind your mind. Kung anong hinahanap mo, yun lang ang makikita mo / You can only find what you're looking for.

Defeating an enemy does not make you a WINNER but the journey to VICTORY will start there.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. ~ Romans 12:2

     Then right after Pastor Pabs’ discussion, he also made an Offering song through parroting (I am not sure if this is the correct term where you replaced the lyrics of a song). The songs got witty and people were smiling while giving their offerings.

     Next was Pastor Clem Guillermo’s Pure Heart session. He is a counselor in the program Heartline at DZAS 702 AM station, every night at 9:30pm. I enjoy hearing him giving advice because he is very honest and direct. You’re sorry if you’re too sensitive to take his point. Hence, unsurprisingly, he gave a very good talk. He discussed the negative emotions that the teens/even adults are dealing with. Why people get depressed, addicted, obsessed with sex, they’re acting out and disrespect their parents.

From Pastor Clem Guillermo

You are a WOUNDED CHILD, crying for HELP. Your bodies grow & matured but not your emotions.

Key to be FREED is FORGIVING and FORGETTING. Bless the person with your forgiveness.

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised ~ Luke 4:18

     After an hour of lunch break, our starving stomach and my anger were both gone. We were back to the venue and the second-half started with a special guest - Mr. Ruther Urquia, who joined Pilipinas Got Talent last year, is also a Youth Pastor. I never knew about him until yesterday. He is full of humor and inspiring. He talked about believing that Jesus has humor too with a spirit of joy... Yes, you won’t be able to find a joke told by Him or played a practical joke on somebody in the Bible but for how come the children would like him if he’s too serious. He also gave a point where during Jesus’ time, He used exaggerated illustrations to show the false ways of the Pharisees, rich and poor.

     Back to Mr. Ruther, he opened his luggage and showed his puppet Titoy. Their performance was enjoyable and the crowd could not stop laughing. Titoy is very much like his creator. And so we should be too to our God: full of goodness and optimism.

     Right after the puppet show, Pastor Joseph Bonifacio with celebrity-wife Rica Peralejo talked about Pure Romance, waiting for God-given partner. They're love story is very amusing and really made by the grace of God. I am happy for Ms Rica that she was successful on changing for good because of God. Also discussing the story in Ruth 3: a Man of Standing, a Woman of Noble Character.

From Pastor Joseph and Rica

We want someone who is GOOD but we also need to be GOOD but we could not do it by ourselves, we need GOD who is GOOD.

Look for someone who will do WHAT IS RIGHT, not for the RIGHT MAN.
SECURITY: Love in Jesus.

     Then as for the last speaker that conference was Pastor Franklin Benitez on Pure Worship. It’s a rock-and-roll praise and worship hour where he put the Word of God and encouraging the youths to take a stand in shouting Hallelujah and being true to Jesus... also to start the big change and stay being pure.

As I worship, I felt the Holy Spirit moved me... made me remember my offense which I was aware of but not asked for forgiveness. I also recalled that GOD IS IN CONTROL and I do not own anything. I am also being selfish and proud from time to time... qualities He does not like. I was really guilty and sorry. I thanked God for that day. I became awfully impatient in the morning that I felt like going home. But He used Youth Factor 4 to realize my mistakes and correct those right away so I won’t sin no more.

God’s mercy is new every morning and His grace is sufficient.

I want to have a PURE MIND, HEART, ROMANCE and WORSHIP. I want God’s ways to be my pattern. Please help me Lord not to go astray. Amen.

     Will definitely go to Youth Factor 5 but will purchase tickets the sooner we selling starts and our team will not be late so we will get good seats just like last year, hehe! Lots of lesson to learn!