Before 12: Falling in love with sunsets

What do I love about sunsets?

Its colors and warm tones. The texture of the sky as the daylight lets go of its brightness; as well as the night awaits for the stars to come out. The richness and beauty of changing colors proclaim how great our Creator is. He is a magnificent artist. Sunsets inspire me so much.

Soon, I'll be seeing my 31st sunset. ^_^

Each sunset reminds me of what I should be thankful for:
1 I lived and survived another day.
2 I have eyes that can see well and appreciate the wonders of nature.
3 Another opportunity to take good photos or make a painting to treasure its beauty.
4 A new hope. It's a signal that there will be a new day coming soon.
5 A time of waiting and developing its beauty.
I already posted some sunset photos in my blogbefore and I never get tired of appreciating its beauty.

So tomorrow, try looking up to the sky and let the artist in you appreciate what your eyes can see. It's already a blessing to know that you are alive and have a gift of sight. Not everyone is able to see what we can see though not everything is perfect and good for our sight but it's another thing.

What matters now is we adore the creations of the Lord Almighty. God shows His love and care for us through His creations.

I am ending this blog post with some of my favorite sunset photos I took in Sweden. In different seasons, with different kinds of beauty but same wonderful time of the sun to hide its brightness for a while.


A photo posted by Madz M (@bettercurly) on


A photo posted by Madz M (@bettercurly) on


A photo posted by Madz M (@bettercurly) on