2017 was good!

Oh wow! It's already 2018 and it's also been a long time since I've posted something here.
Some days I was wondering if there are people who still read my blog ...And surprisingly, someone left me a message here yesterday and told me that she's glad to find my page. How awesome!

So, here's a quick recap of what happened to me in 2017.

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It wasn’t a perfect year but many amazing things happened unexpectedly.

I started the year 2017 in Sweden and finishing it here in my home country, Philippines.

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I still kept on chasing sunsets.

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I won books, books, and received more books from OMF Literature, CSM Publishing, and my sister!

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Our beautiful dog, Teki, a mini pinscher, went missing and was never found... huhu.
But we're thankful that God added another year to our dear Tofi once again. He's a cancer survivor.
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Of course, our local church continued our mission for children: SVBS Summer Vacation Bible School in Marikina and San Mateo, Rizal. We had 200+ students and they all came to learn about Jesus and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior.

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I remember that I was in Kinder when I drew on a piece of paper my dream job: to be a Teacher. I drew a woman wearing a uniform same as my teacher, Ms. Dimla. She recognized my drawing ability and she showed my artwork to other teachers.

I didn’t become a professional teacher after I graduated. I took different works in fashion design, advertising, merchandising, marketing, etc. BUT I became a Sunday School Teacher and youth leader. And until now, I’m happily serving the Lord through these ministries.

And this year, God opened the door to my childhood dream. Finally, I became a college instructor. It’s a part time job but I tried to give my best for my students like it’s a full time work. We finished the first semester quickly and I was blessed to encounter kind-hearted and passionate students. And I’m grateful to our school and my co-teachers. I’m also happy that I’m able to work with my college friends as well ❤️ Thank you for sharing the joy of teaching with me.


Thank You Lord for all the preparation time and lessons I learned before You let me have this dream. Truly, everything works together for good according to Your purpose. So this 2018, I surrender you my year. Have Your way. You are sovereign.


And today, I thank the Lord for my 2017 and I pray that God will also bless you more and more this 2018. Don't stop trusting Him wholeheartedly. God knows what He's doing in your life. He knows what's best because He loves you. I declare and claim that our 2018 is going to be wonderful in Jesus' Name.