Spiritual Refreshment

Do you know what's amazing about reading the Bible?

It is when you ask God to speak to you through His Word and when You seek more of Him, He will surely reveal His answers to your heart's deepest longings. It is more than finding the light at the end of the tunnel... more than a finding a message in a bottle. It is laying down all your plans at the feet of Jesus and letting His purpose prevail in your life because He knows what He is doing and working in you and through you.

Just like how God used Joshua 1 to speak to me again. I'm familiar with this Bible story yet as I read it again, I got fresh teachings. It spoke to my spirit in a deeper level. The words are now etched in my heart one by one. I was truly joyful when I found what I was searching for a long time.

This is the importance of meditating God's Word and desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus. It is something special and captivating. It is a personal experience.

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I was even able to write a short poem because I could not contain the joy and love God gave me one night. And after posting it on my Facebook page, I happened to see this post from Joyce Meyer ;) Such an amazing moment!