16th curly word of 21 (GOOD)

DAY 16.GOOD (11:25PM)

G-O-O-D is a 4-letter word that could is very easy to hear yet its sense is depicted to many interpretations.

“Good job” – is making you feel happy but it should also mean to be consistent with your performance and improve for the best.

“Good luck” – I do not know, I feel more anxious after hearing this hehe

“Good for you” – then I usually say, YES, THANK YOU! But most of the time, I find this quite cynical and maybe I should change my outlook about this

“Good Lord” – of course, we should always give thanks for His goodness, love and power, not just mentioning it in vain

“Good day” – hahaha I love this especially if I were not able to think of anything to create an e-mail message or some actual conversations

“Goodbye” – is not always related to unhappiness but to being grateful to be with someone and accomplish something

There are more words that would match with G-O-O-D but for now, I appreciate everything I have that is GOOD for me and people who are GOOD to me :)