18th curly word of 21 (GIRAFFE)

DAY 18.GIRAFFE (11:25PM)

As for today’s photowalk with Marikina Digital Photographers Club members, I found joy upon seeing several giraffes during the stroll. I found colorless wall painting of a giraffe plus a parent and child sculpture. 

Then on my way home, I passed a street vendor selling a very cute ballpen with giraffe image and I failed refusing to get it but I was pleased and curly

Then I just remember few lines from you a long time ago when I told you that I am still keeping more and more of it given by other people and sometimes, purchased by me. 

... I am sorry... 

I just find myself so happy having it and yes of course, it will always remind me of you but please bear with me... I am finding my joy on it. 

Maybe one day I’ll stop buying one but nobody, not even you, could take away the thought of it’s already a part of me.

Listening to: Forget It - Breaking Benjamin

"How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me,
You're a part of me that I don't wanna see... I can live forever here"