20th curly word of 21 (BETTER)

DAY 20.BETTER (10:57PM)

21st is just few minutes away and I am now a little edgy on getting better as I pledge for myself. There is still an ongoing process of reflecting and weighing things. For sure, the past 20 days became better for me and I tried to live as light as possible, not letting stress eat my curly brain or ever-changing weather conditions to shower me negative vibes. However, I honestly feel like those 21 days are still not enough for a progress I am targeting. But I want to take this minute to thank everyone who became part of this project – my Christian friend and adviser, Aiee… my dear officemates... my college and highschool friends then loved ones and of course my Holy Creator. I learned to number my days and apply my heart unto wisdom (Psalm 90:12). I enjoyed more of my time and be more appreciative than ever for everything I have now. I plan to continue the project even after the 21st day though it might be not a daily dose unlike before but I would definitely write about something that is significant for my growth and inspire others too. This project helped me altered the memories July 7, 21 and hopefully the 27th at most.

I found her watching the stars so blue
Their stardust blinded her from a colorful world
But then some kind words brought her far
Until she found sanctuary behind a door
The same stardust now unlocked her heart
She felt love; she’s in the middle of somewhere
Better now is the rhythm of her heartbeat
Forgive her if she wants to wait a little longer
Patience is her food today
by Madz Madaje