21st curly word of 21 (THANKS)

DAY 21.THANKS (11:04PM)
Have you thanked somebody today because they lent you time to listen to your crazy little curly thoughts? Did you ever try to thank whoever hates you? And do you always say thank you to the world for giving you a tough time to achieve happiness?
At last, I am nearly done with my 21st day of my 21-day to a better curly life project. I’ve witnessed my own improvements and appreciated many things. I am wearing a thankful heart today and would not like to remove it until forever. In the world where change is constant, I strive hard to adapt but as a result, I sometimes lose myself. Time will come and many would try poison my easy curly brain but nobody would be allowed by my Creator to do that unless I permit it. A longtime friend had reminded me today that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” and I should not allow any factors to decide who I am and going to be. No one could run my own life for even I just borrowed it from the Lord. Only my Creator could define me and my path. He knows me well and loves me most. Ever in my life, I will not be able return all the praises He deserve, my cry and my gratitude would not be enough. But that would not stop me on uttering words of honor and tell him, “thanks” for His love endures forever.
I decided to continue this project even if the deadline is today. This is a continuous learning process for me. Life is too big to stop discovering more and more interesting things in existing. May this project inspire more of my shiny happy people and I pray that even without struggles, you’ll find time to have a minute with your Maker and give Him thanks. Nobody would not like to receive a note of thanks… so let us practice giving extra effort in praising our dear friends, officemates, loved ones and even not-so-close people around for their contributions to make our days easier and happier.

6 tiny letters I am going to yell
Heed the word and recognize its use
For a world so busy and cold
As simplicity is acceptable no more
And egoism is constantly observed
Do you still desire to possess a line so broke?
Which separates humankind from robots?