2nd curly word of 21 (CURLY)

DAY 2.CURLY (10:50PM)
I was a victim of shampoo/conditioner TV ads. I used to believe that I would also get a shiny straight hair after using their products. Bakit naman kasi walang commercial na may batang kulot dati? -- according to my fast-phasing memory. Thank God I have my big sister always reminding me to love my curly hair for it is exceptional, gorgeous. I felt very inferior back at my younger years because of my curls. Many mocked me, "KULOT-SALOT" so I thought I am also ugly. But years passed by, I met shiny happy people who appreciate this gift and me. Also, I learned taking care of this blessing as well as making it attractive. Up to now, many love my curls; some even thought it’s digitally permed. But I still enjoy using hair irons now and then since it also transforms my daily look, thanks to my dear officemate—Ags.
I am working on my confidence continually. Time goes by, memories fade but not all the unkind words I heed. But I am grateful for He gave me this crowning curly life I treasure the most.

Life is a little boring if everything goes straight
But maybe it could be better if it curls up a little