4th curly word of 21 (TIME)

DAY 4.TIME (10:45 PM)

Wait for me, Time! I am running swift now.

Seven months more and I’ll be 25 years old. I thought I would be young forever but I am now feeling the pressure I’ve witnessed before from my other friends. Today, I observed people. I noticed that everyone’s speeding up as if the minute-hand is very close to 12 o’clock. I walked slowly… I got bored until I realized that upon using the internet so much to kill time was also stealing the most of my borrowed life. But I still insist that I am out of time. So what to do? I should be wiser in using time and thank God for I learn to enjoy bonding hours with my loved ones especially with my cute little nieces and nephew. I just love that God make every day sweeter than before and the idea to make a change, be something significant to your world.

Time running faster would not worry me again

For I count my existence with pleasure and hope

I believe I could make a great change someday

If only I could finish this race in the long run as the sun sets and up

by Madz Madaje