Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2010

better thank your lucky charms I had my second photowalk with MDPC people (Marikina Digital Photographers Club) last July 24, 2010, but this time, it was a project under Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk, see

We started walking and taking photos at 6am though our original call time was at 5am and I am proud to say that I was not late, I even arrived at SM Marikina under a very dim sky. I enjoyed every step I took and appreciated more and more of my King’s creations. The sunrise was not perfect but still beautiful. The heavens were forgiving and so was Mr. Sun...

from SM Marikina to Marikina Riverbanks to Riverpark/Bayan to Calumpang. I loved the little conversations with other members and met new acquaintances. It was also the first time I saw the other side of the river (along Calumpang), I found interesting subjects and tried capturing anything that fascinated me. Until the group went to Macky’s for breakfast, the warm goto and tokwa’t baboy were very yummy and very reasonably priced. Members part their ways at Kapitan Moy (San Roque) around 10am with smile on our faces but others continued their walk but I decided to go home to rest and meet up with my friend after lunch.

I picked out few photos to submit to Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk website ASAP. Thanks to my dear happy shiny friends who took time to critique my artworks and voted for the image they liked the most. So here are my photos... I believe I still need more tutorials on how to shoot and edit photos and so far, I am happy with MDPC – we have different talents and skills… I envy some of their gadgets/accessories but I am pleased with Niknok (my D90 kit), I just find it a little heavy for me even with few clicks hehe. I am not expecting to win this huge competition but I am already happy with what I produced. I am proud of it and I know I am way to great learning and better photography living.

Please bear with my bigger/more obvious watermark; I just want to avoid others to steal my photos. But if you’re interested to use this for a significant purpose, I’ll be delighted to send you a clean copy of your requested image =)

better thank your lucky charms
I believe this gives a positive vibe hehe

i am no losing grip
I personally like this one for its texture and hardworking sense it gives.

swan princess many years ago
A ruined sculpture by typhoon Ondoy after the great flood in Marikina =(

he is happy, do not bother
I adore him being jolly and nice to every photographer who liked to take photos of him and his stuffs.

i am 7 but i am better than anyone else
tell me i'm not lost
a man of courage

Almost my own winning shots!
cmon dear puppy, your food is ready
nostalgic it is

And the winner for me along with my friends’ approval...
Most find this very moving as if this will tell a lot of stories with the rusty iron to a soiled pedal against the bright green grass and I agree with their views; hope to get your support too.