POEMATIC: 08.09.10 Your Love is Enough to See the Broken Hearts

As I breathe the air You've given me,
I remember about your long sufferings;
I am a person of no worth to the world
But You have filled me with love and kindness,
I could and should no longer ignore.

I've caused You so much pain, O Lord
But still, You know how to encourage
And so I am missing You more than ever
You are merciful and worthy to be praise
I give You my life, help me be back on-track
I want only to be with You on a one-way path.

[words by Madz Madaje]

[currently listening to Hillsong United's Higher/I Believe In You]
"Now unto me the Christ revealed, For you so loved and love me still
And You shall be called Almighty God
And we shall declare, Your name is higher higher"]