shiny happy kids

image of these little curly kids from Mishalulu

I really love kids with minds so surprisingly broad and creative. They know what to do when bored and how to be thankful to little things. They appreciate life to the fullest. They fight with their best friends and be okay again after few minutes. They see love, they feel and share it. I find them really sweet and innocent yet their crazy ideas about anything are really fun to know.

I teach kids every Sunday in our church and I tell you, a long long time ago, I hated kids and I used to make sure that I could make them cry before the day ends. Haha so evil! But things changed, I believe the Lord changed my heart. I now love them more than ever! Jesus loves the little children so why should not I? And I surely agree with our very own Dr. Jose Rizal that they are our country's future. How they grow could result a massive problem to society or be a great contribution to change the world.

Anyway, I also enjoy seeing them wear cute clothes then shoot with my camera. More of now when good kidswear selections are easy to find and buy. I feel so excited whenever I visit blogs about cool-find kids' stuffs; their photos, clothes, smiles and twinkling eyes make me happy.

I really want to design and even sew clothes for children again! Designing children's wear was my thesis 3 years ago and I really enjoyed picking up colors so loud yet soft, prints so busy but adorable, cuts so simple yet interesting. My 3 nieces were my inspiration back then. I am very proud with the result. Surely, it was not the best among other works related to kidswear but at least, I found happiness in working hard with my family to complete my own collection.

And today, it's my youngest pamangkin-- MJ's birthday, my only nephew. He is so charming and I love how he smiles. Hopefully soon I could finish a set of clothes for him and his sisters plus my other niece in abroad.

But for the mean time, here are lots of designs from Crewcuts and Zara Kids for Fall/Winter 2010. Gaaaah, they're really cute!!! I pray to have such adorable kids too :D

images from J.Crew

images from Zara