Freehand fail!!!

I am tired... I’ve been working for long hours until my Freehand file got corrupted. I was just saving my files again and again. I do not understand and I do not want to. My brain is so drained. I could not retrieve the file. Worst is all my design spec sheets are under one file. This never happened to me after so many times I’ve been using Freehand. I hate Freehand!!!

I feel depressed. I used this weekend to work at home but Freehand failed me. And tomorrow, I will face the same workloads I left last Friday.

Argh... This is no laughing matter especially when someone questions how you work and your efficiency. Though I am sure that I did my best to be able to complete all tasks but my ability and time are limited, and so is your human brain.

I know I am getting angry again and so I pray, “Lord, I am asking for more courage and comfort”. I am going to sleep now, my head is aching too.