My Names Are...

I just searched my names at Urban Dictionary and found surprising meanings.

My family nicknamed me with Madel so my grade school friends were also calling me that. But since I went to college up to now, people call me Madz.

So here’s my first name, Dolores, and I do not like it actually. I find it so antique hahaha. My mother used to tell me that she got it from Roman Catholic Saints Calendar but I found that the closest saint to my birthday is Our Lady of Lourdes, not Dolores, and I could not find any Dolores in it. Perhaps, she did not read the name correctly. But good thing, she did not name me Lourdes, I would hate it too nya nya nya!!!

Though she had mentioned that she was supposed to name me Madelaine (you read it right, not Madeline), that's why my nickname is Madel.

Back at high school, I looked for my name using a search engine and found that Dolores means sorrow. And because of this, I learned to dislike my name more and prefer not to use it. But tonight, I was really shocked finding a different meaning of my first name.

hohoho, check out that dolores over there! she's amazing but I do not want to be "eternally unavailable" hahaha!!!