POEMATIC: 12.09.10 Untitled

My hands are a colorful canvas
With pictures of big and small
Things move animatedly on top of my rough open palms
Though I see a lot of wounds still they won’t hurt
Then I close my fists, jump high and low

I know how to dream; I am blessed with visions
I stand in faith, I walk in control
Also on my way, I hear giving of words
I grasp some liquid promises until they flow to the seas
Evaporate and bring rain again and again

My objective is not to be subjective
I hate to sin in anger as I appraise
For millions of thought bubbling in and out
I speak in wisdom and you cannot defeat
Because I have the Almighty to guide me day and night
He hates the wicked and foolish bits

[words by Madz Madaje]