the Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Yey! I’d finally seen the 3rd Chronicle of Narnia movie which is the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Once again, I am so in love with King Caspian and so with Aslan hahaha. The production is getting way better and better than of the previous movies. There’s no moment when I could get my eyes off the big screen. Lucy is definitely getting prettier too and I kept recalling how young she was 5-6 years ago in the first movie because of the crew’s little girl who also joined on their journey on saving the sacrificed slaves. Of course, the story never failed to move me and refresh my point of view. I remembered my faith and my oaths to my ever loyal Lord.

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"Oh, Aslan," said Lucy. "Will you tell us how to get into your country from our world?"
"I shall be telling you all the time," said Aslan. "But I will not tell you how long or short the way will be; only that it lies across a river. But do not fear that, for I am the great Bridge Builder..."

"Please, Aslan," said Lucy. "Before we go, will you tell us when we can come back to Narnia again? Please. And oh, do, do, do make it soon."
"Dearest," said Aslan very gently, "you and your brother will never come back to Narnia."
"Oh, Aslan!!" said Edmund and Lucy both together in despairing voices.
"You are too old, children," said Aslan, "and you must begin to come close to your own world now."
"It isn't Narnia, you know," sobbed Lucy. "It's you. We shan't meet you there. And how can we live, never meeting you?"
"But you shall meet me, dear one," said Aslan.
"Are are you there too, Sir?" said Edmund.
"I am," said Aslan. "But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there."

~Chapter 16

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I am not perfect. I commit sins and still He forgives me. I failed Him many times but He would still give me chance. I always call His name in times of trouble and I sometimes forget to thank Him for giving me all the things I am having. He is love. He is good and faithful. I thank the Creator for giving inspirations to complete stories to movies like the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. As humans, our abilities are limited but our resources are profuse. He did and keeps doing majestic things to our world. Jesus, I love you. Thank you for saving me and letting me to know Your name and call upon You. Teach me to number my days and rely on you for the rest of my life. More than five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes… Help me to become like You.