Burn the negative vibes!

I am to burnout much so I should divert all the troubles I am experiencing now to something that would eat up some of my busy minutes and tired brain cells.

I took time to edit some of my favorite shots of my dog, Tofi. Just played with layering in Photoshop.

Until I saw my shots of my bag, MonMon. I bought this from my highschool classmate and friend – Graziella Reyes last 2009 but I failed to use it then plus typhoon Ondoy also drowned my bag yet I managed to wash it until no mud and bad odor left but some stains were left. Anyhow, I used MonMon for several times last year and I am really considering of using it again this 2011 hehehe

Visit her online store: thewaggery and her deviant account: zienta 

So there... Goodnight! I feel better now :)