God at Work

God is a god of orderliness – the way planets revolve around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth and earth rotating on its axis. And so is the time when some planets will line up, comets will pass the earth and will witness eclipses. And so our lives… how we are aging. We could not start  being born as an 100-year-old infant and grow younger as one ages just like in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The orderliness of the universe is also describe as how God’s promises have the same certainty as to His covenant people (Jeremiah 33:25-26).

via noelchurchill.com(convergence of the moon, Venus and Jupiter which happened last 2008 and will happen again on 2052)

God never break His own word. The Bible tells us a lot about Him, being faithful to His people ever since until forever. He’s always at work. He never fails.

And so let’s give time to marvel at His creation. How great is our God!