BETTER FINDS: How secure is my password?

Are you confident about your own password's strength security?

With today’s technology getting more advanced and people learning more how to take advantage of others, security is always an issue. People who invade privacy and steal people’s properties already existed even before the internet was invented. So no wonder why there are more and more net users who kill time to hack passwords and destroy even the lives of the innocent people.

But thank God for extra effort from different companies and concerned people who continually take actions to protect their clients, just like . This website was created by Small Hadron Collider, a one-man web-design company based in Sheffield in the UK. is a password checker, testing your password’s strength security in easiest way.

Is This Safe?
Yes. No data is stored or transferred anywhere.

Is this Accurate?
It all depends on who's trying to hack your computer and how they're trying to do it.

Anyway, here is the list of top 50 passwords you should never use and if you are using it now, maybe this is also the time to fix yours before it's too late! And please, stop using poor passwords, be creative!