I am curly and so was Kyuhyun

Searching photos of Cho Kyuhyun with his epic curly hair was tedious until I found Zhou Mi’s dog opposite to Kyu. This is really adorable and comic at the same time.

image via sapphirejuniorlovers @ wordpress
Anyway, Zhou Mi is a member of Super Junior-M. Haha fan much? I do not know. I am actually thinking of selling my Upper Box B (center) ticket for SS3 concert on Saturday at Araneta. I am getting annoyed with random activities their fans are preparing. I am having an idea that it’s either I would enjoy the show or be a total kill joy. I just want to see Kyuhyun perform, e! huhuhu and I still do not have a digital compact camera to bring to the concert.

New music video of Super Junior-M was also released yesterday, called "Perfection".