I am a Sunday school teacher

What you put into your children’s hearts today
                           influences their character for tomorrow.

I am still happy of being a Sunday school teacher. I enjoy teaching them Bible stories, songs and some dance steps. Maybe they are poor in material things and low in society's accusing sight but in God’s eyes, they are precious. Jesus loves the little children and we are actually taught to have faith like a child.

I remember my first encounter with these kids in 2007 when I almost quit and hated the idea of going to their  area. Most kids were bully and did not mind to listen to me but I praise God for He worked my patience and courage, and He is still developing these areas and my gifts. Truly, it feels good to see how these kids grow and see changes in them. You don’t need to neither be too strict or too vulnerable to get their attention. They are kids; they’ll grow up and learn more things on their own. They’ll love you if they feel your honesty and compassion towards them. Plus, with the grace of the Lord, everything would be possible according to your faith.

Random activities of our kids in God is Sovereign Church, Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal.

From 2007 until now, many had gone and had come back. Many I have learned to love and I am really blessed to be part of their years. I am excited for more transformations and what they are going to be. May the good Lord guide them all the way and I pray for more volunteers all around the world who would use their talents and skills to improve the lives of the children, unfortunate or rich. And for existing Sunday school teachers, I pray for more blessings and may they keep the fire of coaching and sharing burning.