Super Show 3 in Araneta Coliseum

"Hi dear Seoulmate, I was enchanted to meet you! / I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home"

Hahaha at last, I saw Super Show 3 in Araneta Coliseum, Philippines last February 26, 2011.

Sadly, I did hesitate to bring my DSLR fearing it would get confiscated for it is prohibited but as I arrived in the concert area, I saw many brought their cameras. I envied them and really got frustrated. Raaah, won't believe Admin people again! The security did not even check my bag! They did not even bother to look if I bring a bag! Arrrrrrg!!! All day I was thinking how to sneak in my bulky camera until I decided to leave it at home! I should have taken the risk... but oh well... done is done.

Anyway, here’s my solution --- will draw some until my memory remembers the details!!!

Here’s Kyuhyun, wearing the all-white military outfit on their opening act, performing Sorry Sorry.

And him in bell pepper costume for Cooking Cooking number. Waaa he's so adorable!

But special thanks to my cellphone camera which is also okay to capture my favorite moments, yey! I bought a big blue glowstick for PhP300! Okay, I'm suck a freak hahaha! but I did enjoy the show so much. Marie - my college classmate and her sister joined me watching and I like our spot. Even though we encountered some hassles due to super fanatics who tried to steal seats from people. They were claiming that they were in correct row yet their tickets were lost so they could not remember their exact seat number. Grrr... Until the security went to our area to check us and those fake people, left their spots right away. Tsk!


And their complete set list that night:

1. Sorry Sorry Remix
2. Super Girl
3. Don’t Don – with TRAX and Henry
4. No Other
5. Confession
6. Good Person
7. Rokugo
8. One Fine Spring Day – Ryeowook’s Solo w/ Sungmin on Guitar
9. I Wanna Love You – Eunhae
10. New Endless Love – Kyuhyun’s Solo (Chinese)
11. If You Leave – Sungmin’s Solo
12. Looking for the Day – Siwon’s Solo
13. Down (Jay Sean) – Eunhyuk’s Solo
14. Baby (Justin Bieber) – Henry’s Solo
15. TokTokTok – Super Junior T
16. You And I
17. Oh My Goddess – TRAX
18. Lady Hee & Single Lades (Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk)
19. Shake It Up
20. Twins
21. Hate You Love You
22. In My Dream
23. Rinaldo (Kangin Tribute) – Super Junior Orchestra
24. All My Heart
25. It Has To Be You – Yesung Solo
26. Miinah/BONAMANA
27. A Man In Love
28. U
29. Dancing Out
30. Cooking, Cooking
31. WonderBoy