Bubbly Saturdate 03.26.11

It was Saturday and I was busy procrastinating until my ate called me after lunch time, asking if my niece and I have "lakad" since her daughter already took a bath and was waiting for me to pick her up. I mentioned to my niece last Thursday that I was planning to go to Museo Pambata in Manila on a Saturday. Then I decided the plan to push-through right away and I went to my ate's house before 2:30 PM. We rode an FX to LRT Katipunan Station, rode the LRT 2 train to Recto Station then we transfered to LRT 1 Doroteo Jose Station to go to U.N. Avenue Station. There I had memory problem on how we should go to Museo Pambata. We took the long route at the side of Supreme Court, reached Robinson's Manila mall and the U.S. Embassy.

After more steps, we were able to arrive at Museo Pambata, just beside the Embassy, around 4:30PM. And since the museum is going to close at 5PM, we decided not to enter anymore. We crossed the Roxas Boulevard, there is Luneta Park. We walked a little and took some photos of her until we reached the Children's Playground, across the Lapu-Lapu statue. And there my niece and I realized that U.N. Avenue Station is just so near to the playground, if only we turned right -- to General Luna St. and not went to the direction of Padre Faura. But at least, now we know the correct directions and my niece also quoted "at least, pumayat tayo / di ako napagod kasi mahilig ako maglakad" / "at least, we got thinner / i did not get tired because I love to walk"

We entered Children's Playground, my second time to visit the place. The first time I went there was in summer of 2007 or 2006??? The place was almost abandoned, there were only few people and the structures were ruined. But today, we saw a very colorful playground where a lot of kids and families were having fun time. The structures were repaired, plus re-painted by volunteers from the College of Fine Arts of University of the Philippines - Diliman.  My niece was really excited and I took photos of her every time she was trying a play structure. She enjoyed the long slide and climbing the bridges. We spent at least an hour to maximize the remaining daylight.

I recommend Luneta Children's Playground to be included in your Family Day's outdoor activity plan. The entrance fee is only P10. There are tables for picnic but I think you should bring your own chairs or just use blankets though I did not find grassy areas inside. There is also a medical team at the entrance. Kids should be spending their younger years playing outdoor and have social interactions with other children instead of boxing their self with digital gadgets.