Life Goes On!

I am really hooked on their version of the Beatles' popular song because everyone's there was just having fun and I love the part where they will pause and say the HA-HA-HA-HA line. Of course, I am easy to please and I appreciate simple things so I was enjoying the whole video. And whyyy am I even explaining myself here? ha-ha-ha!

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I am a fan of Jars of Clay, I wish to see them perform live. Dan's really cute here, e! And of course, Nathan of MercyMe ;)

JOC already went to the Philippines and had a concert but I was still in college then (2005) and I couldn't afford buying a ticket. Well, I also appreciate the music of MercyMe like their song "I Can Only Imagine"

It's really good that there are more and more people with talent in music who use their gifts to praise and worship the Lord. They do good rock music with lyrics without vanity but just giving thanks to the Lord and living their purpose.

And here's their Youtube video.