POEMATIC 03.24.11 This is what you call FREEDOM

sweet life! sweet surrender!

I never knew true freedom until today
And “THIS IS IT”, I could finally say;
Your love and mercy made everything this way
A perfect timing for each circumstance

Former days filled with joy were no accident
For You had good plans for me
I never knew until today
And “THIS IS IT”, I could finally laugh about my gaffes

Your unfailing love and mercies are new every morning
A perfect timing you prepared for me
A day still filled with joy and will continue until tomorrow
I had my own plans but You guided me all the time

I never knew what patience was all about until today

[words by Madz Madaje]

Hillsong United's Bone song from their latest album -- Aftermath
"Take me as I am / Awaken my heart to beat again"