PFW Day 4: Penshoppe's Trailblazer

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["This collection is a heavier on the basicsPENSHOPPE's irrefutable domain. Not only are the front liners decked out to rock'n'roll; but, the pesty paparazzi and frantic bodyguards are donning PENSHOPPE blazers and dark jeans as well, says brand directorAlex S. Mendoza.]*

Sunday, May 15 of 2011 - Penshoppe showcased its Holiday collection “Trailblazer” at the Philippine Fashion Week. We saw dark-colored clothing vs the shiny guitars, embellishments and a funky/energetic LED screen background. We traveled back to the 80s where Michael Jackson was still black and the start of fashion in-things: band jackets and glitter gloves. Shining circus hats and bags were also spotted during the show. The graphic shirts look exciting but in some way reminded me of some old designs by Oxygen.

Anyhow, I find the whole collection - hip and the show - interesting and I just want that silver sparkle guitar... envy! so Taylor Swift.
In describing the current collection, Solenn notes, "It's so rock chic, which I absolutely identify with. I love the men's denim that's dipped in wax, which gives it a leather-like sheen." "I love it, because it's very punk glam, and they do have the best pair of jeans bar-none -- studs and grommets add a whole lotta funk to the wardrobe," adds statuesque Bea Soriano.*via

Congratulations Golden ABC for pulling-off 5 great shows on 5 straight nights at the PFW in celebration of your 25th year.
Sorry, for missing Oxygen's show :(