POEMATIC 05.17.11 Unfinished

Been so occupied for weeks already and then I came to a point where I found my handwriting’s not nice anymore  hahaha! I just miss writing poems and love letters... So here’s something I wrote last May 10, unfinished. Had a plan to continue or rewrite but tonight, I chose not to. I think I like the way it was created.

do not let the world define who you are
for they do not know how you lived a long time ago
they care as if they want you to be like them
so please do not let them eat your mind
one day you'll wake up, they'll be gone but then they’ll hide inside you

my lovely nieces at the Museo Pambata

 life could be a mess if you're not wise
relationships would be complicated if you're not forgiving
love is meaningless when you become like them
later you'll define the world based on your judgment
sooner you'll eat others' minds as well
then you'll be gone
[words by Madz Madaje]