FAITH is not spelled D-O-U-B-T

Doubts are meant to be doubted; Beliefs are meant to be believed. ~ Pastor Rick Warren
Things are still not good about the condition of my father. He is still hospitalized and every day we witness him struggling to stand and walk by himself, tell stories while missing some verbs, nouns and adjectives... he looks at you with his eyes not comfortable to see but he gives effort to pay attention to your own words.

He is my tatay (father). He remains to be an encourager despite his situation. I praise God for giving us a loving parent. He doesn’t fully understand what’s happening yet he is telling us he wants to accept things especially the abnormality of his sight. I love him so much, we all do.

We keep on praying for miracles to happen, sickness be healed, broken hearts to be comforted and souls to be saved. God is at work, we believe in our faith. God is able. It’s just as humans, a simple “how are you?” and hug could be good remedies at the moment. But your prayers would be the best help that we need now. So thank you, for everyone who still cares and prays. God bless.