happy 1st birthday bettercurly!

cupcake vector by shery k designs / colored by madz madaje

Thanks everyone for supporting my blog site! This started just a year ago to make a project-slash-developing a habit for 21 days to become a better me. I believe I did succeed. I focused on beautiful things then and tried to post something every day, for 21 days. I never knew my bettercurly.blogspot.com would have a 42,000+ for a year. And yes, let’s all be better! God is too good and we have lots of blessing to ignore.

We all have hard times but God is always faithful. He’ll help you go through any other situations with a smile on your face.

Then I would also like to thank all the people who helped me promote this site and I am also glad to know that some are enjoying the tips and random things I post. And all my friends and loved ones who moved and keep inspiring me.

bettercurly is done with chapter 1 and may we have more posts to share and enjoy with! happy reading!