Flood Scare and Marikina River

No storm signal in Metro Manila today but thunderstorms since last night were really frightening. The rising water level in Marikina River was trending online mainly via Twitter, everyone was monitoring, many were scared and prayed. 
Too bad, I don’t have a Twitter account. But I am not set to have one, I don’t know why.

Anyway, since I got into the office, I kept refreshing pages for news updates and there I also found a great website for Marikeños where every 100 seconds – records of water level of Marikina River (Sto. Niño and Nangka), Montalban, Angono and Rosario and so is the rainfall in Antipolo, Boso Boso, Nangka and Montalban are updated and I think the graphs are actually accurate! I am pleased that our local government updated our official website and added useful features. That’s why after lunch time, after learning that the alert level was raised to 2, I hurried home.

But thank God that the rain also weakened until it stopped before dusk. As of now, the water level continues to drop but everyone is still unsure whether we’ll have another heavy rainy day tomorrow.

Dear all, please be careful! Bring your umbrellas and extra snacks (why? We’ll never know if we’ll get stuck in traffic jam or stranded somewhere). Just be prepared ;) And according to Dep Ed via Twitter, "Suspension of classes will be based on the 2am bulletin of PAG-ASA. Please tune in to your favorite radio/tv stations for announcements."

DEP-ED via Twitter 
(so kids and parents are able to know if there is any suspension of classes, aww I miss mornings with “WALA KANG PASOK NGAYON” news, sarap!)


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