Meg and Chalk Magazines: October 2011

So who are our cover girls?

I usually buy magazines based on who the cover girl is and what the features are. Before, deadma lang kung sino lalo na dati sa Candy and Seventeen Magazines. But unfortunately, Seventeen Philippines closed down few years ago :(

photo via Meg Gurl at Facebook

Anyway, I might buy Meg Magazine over Chalk's October issue, andoon kasi si Xian Lim hahaha and I am more interested in their random topics. I also love the organized layout of Meg and most of the time, I just flip through the pages of the magazines and I do not read everything on it unless a page or a photo get my attention... but with Meg, it seems there are no wasted spaces. 

photo via Chalk at Facebook

But I do like Kim Chiu over Maja Salvador when it comes to advertised and published materials. I remember I did not buy Preview Magazine April 2010 issue because Maja was on the cover though she really brought a hot summer there. I owned a Candy magazine way back 2003 - she was on the cover too and her name was Maja Andres then. But this time, I do not mind Maja as cover of Meg Magazine, maybe (hopefully) there's a fun write-up about her.

But don't get me wrong, I find Kim and Maja really pretty and they actually have different sets of market. I am enjoying Kim's "My Binondo Girl" TV series and Maja's dance moves in ASAP. Anyway, Maja Salvador will be guesting on Kim's show soon. Surely, many are excited about Maja's role and some twist she'll bring in the story ;)