POEMATIC 01.23.12 Hadassah's Faith and Loyalty

In rel. to my previous entry: I am no Queen but God chose me to go and follow Him, I wrote a poem about the life of Queen Esther. I have no earthly riches like what she owned but I know that we have the same God who also use women for amazing things.

You were made beautiful inside and out
Your eyes sparkling and seeing the truth only
Offering a love so pure and deep for your King in Heaven
Though you had no parents to take care of you;
Glad that Mordecai and his love was around you
And so God’s delight was upon you too Hadassah
He laid down His wonderful plans before you
And you never knew it until you were chosen as Queen
Where gold and countless riches were around you
The finest fabrics of the world were clothed on you now dear Esther
But you never forget who you are and what God wants for His people
You stood faithful and prayerful still in times you were terrified
And the Lord did not allow you and your people to be killed by Haman
His wisdom, power, and authority prevailed
Boldness, courage and protection wrapped on you
photo source
Then with a banquet you prepared which was so inviting
You also set to spoil the meal of Haman’s dark plans in front of your beloved King
King Xerxes listened and the Lord’s design succeed
And so rapid the Persian King claimed Haman’s and his family’s lives
Hence, at this time you are still remembered as Queen Esther the heroine
A dependable girl with a dream was used to save the Jews by the Lord
You will never be forgotten, as the stars stay on their places
[words by Madz Madaje]