Rainbow Sky

How great are your works, Lord,  how profound your thoughts!  (Psalm 92:5)

I am always amazed by the beauty of what’s up there: the magnificent shifting of sights and colors – from day to night. And if I were to choose my most loved creation by our Lord, I prefer the skies. And my bias is in fact obvious here in my blog for I had captured pictures of clouds, sunset and moon. 

And just last Saturday (June 16) on our way back to Manila after attending a wedding of our relative in Lucban, Quezon, I was watching the giant clouds while the car’s moving when I noticed rainbow-like hues in the sky. I told my mother to take a look too and we both liked what we’re seeing. We felt so happy because it’s our first time to witness such stunning scenery. 

And now I am sharing the photos with you. Enjoy! 

Can’t remember kung nasa may Tiaong o San Pablo City na kami nito.