then let's BEGIN again

Nobody has made too many mistakes. It's not too late for anybody to begin again.
If you want to be miserable, all you have to do is be selfish. 

God is not nearly as interested in changing your circumstances 
as He is in changing you.

Have you ever tried to make a speedy U-turn to avoid hardships and the arrival of a hurricane of changes? I did. And I thought at first that it’s His will because I prayed and thought hard about it. I found everything exciting! The feeling  of independence and courage made me believe that I won and still winning like it’s meant to be. But as time went by, things went wrong and I messed up. I realized that it was just my choice - not His.

There were the massive waves which came one after another - smashing every bit of my courage. I was in fear. I prayed and worried. I prayed and cried. I prayed and tried not to fail. I prayed and I failed. I prayed and stood up. I prayed and knocked down. I prayed and I stopped. I stopped praying. I ran away. I hurt people. I sabotaged my own self. Miserable. I sinned. I prayed and He answered. He always answer me but before - I couldn’t hear and I didn’t listen.

But by His grace, HE picked me up. He showed me the love that nobody could give. HE is in fact the lover of my soul. He forgave me. He is in control. And He’s still changing me, not my circumstances.

That’s what happened to me. And now I am here again in the desert of psalms and reflections. Battles keep on coming but I have Him. By the miracles He made and blessings He gave – I know I shouldn't be concerned. I’ll still be brave but not irrational anymore. He’s all I need. And again, He's at work and God's will is always good, acceptable and perfect.

Anyway, I want to share to you this song called "Feelin' so Fly" by TobyMac. His songs keep me motivated. He's a known Christian artist but he's hip and he writes out of the box music. Perfect to invite young people to listen to him about God's love and goodness.

[There ain't a day that goes by that I'm not singing Your praise 
There ain't a day that goes by that I'm not completely amazed
A supernatural high / Your love is simply insane / You got me feeling so fly]