Flashy and Fiery May sky

Oh no! Sorry for my laziness, I failed to post anything for a month! =( But I still have the oomph to take photos of the sunset sky and my dogs.

Just few days ago, curiosity made me take the chance to observe the angry evening sky. There were some flashy thunderstorms to shoot; so I grabbed my camera and take some photos… at first I had a hard time to figure out what camera setting I should use until I adjusted the ISO setting to the highest number, retain my shutter speed at 60 along with the widest opening, then tadaaaaa!!!

I was so joyful after I captured this, though there’s a fear in me that the lightning might strike me! Hahaha! And this was also the first time I took a photo of thunderstorms.

And just a couple of days before that night, I also took some photos of the burning sunset sky. I love the amazing hues, really beautiful! 
Notice that there's an actual smoke - I think there's also a real fire somewhere (I just hope I was wrong). 

Check out my DeviantArt page: powerbuffy, I upload photos there once in a while ^_^