It's Father's Day and I'm Not Alone

Search my heart, search my soul… 

There’s nothing else 
               that I want more.              

Father’s day – a special day of bragging about our father’s strengths on the internet and almost everywhere but very shy to tell those things direct to our heroes. This is also the time when I find myself a kind of different from the others, especially on the internet world, just the second time: greetings, honoring posts and photos with their beloved fathers flooding all over the news feed on Facebook and e-mail. At some point, yes, I am bitter. I was happy to see their lovely photos and posts but I also got sad because I don’t have my father to celebrate with anymore. 

But thanks to God that this occasion comes on a Sunday and so after I attended our Worship Service at church, I felt God’s comfort, love and peace again. He reminded me that I’m not alone nor unlucky – in fact I am blessed to know that my Heavenly Father is a father to the fatherless and defender of widows (Psalm 68:5). He is more than enough for me and you. 

Let’s also keep in mind that God gave the fathers that we had and are having on earth. He is the source of their strength and all resources needed to provide their families. I feel better now. I know He loves me. And my own father, Doming, is also doing great in our great God’s paradise. 

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I hope this post will make you feel better and loved as well.
God bless!