Receive LOVE. Give LOVE. Repeat.

We really can't give what we don’t have.

I recommend today's devotion: It’s All About The Love from Our Daily Bread which will remind us that since we receive an eternal love from our mighty God though we're undeserving, we can now use our transformed lives to change the world by sharing this love to everyone. Also, by forgiving those who hurt us and choosing to pray for them - may the Lord bless them as well.

A good plan for our lives today: Receive love. Give love. Repeat.

right click the image and open the link in new tab/window for larger view and free download. 

And try to listen to Britt Nicole’s upbeat song "Ready or Not" with Lecrae, they mentioned here that "love is more than a word, it’s a noun and a verb; and hidin’ it is obsurd (n. inconspicuous or unnoticed senselessness)" thus we should practice it more often. Besides, love keeps no record of wrongs.

God bless