Youth Factor 7: STANDOUT

Alright, an amazing youth event again happened just yesterday (April 26) at the Cuneta Astrodome!!! Thousands of young people with Pastors and church leaders all gathered not just to see great programs but to make a stand surrendering our lives to God. Our nation needs God, badly especially when the highest and fastest technology are snatching our attention to temporary things. Thanks God for PCEC-NYC, special thanks to Pastor Ronnie, and all who prayed and financed Youth Factor. God bless your ministry more and more!

Youth Factor 7 Poster
Featured speakers were Bishop Noel Pantoja (Conservative Baptist Assoc. of the Phils), Pastor Herrera (Victory Calooocan), Pastor Roman Guevara (Rise Up) and DZAS' Attorney Winnie and Protips' Maloi Salumbides
Our youths have the energy to move and spread God's Word through fun ways but if we do not let them be closer to our Almighty God, their paths will surely go nowhere. Integrity is a must have for every person for it will protect us from making ungodly decisions/doings.

Anyway, I'll update this post later. I'm excited to share our experiences to everyone. I think yesterday was my 5th Youth Factor to attend to and I'm very grateful to witness its growth.

with some of our youths from God is Sovereign Church - Assemblies of God,
actually they were also our students from Sunday School few years ago! lumilipad ang oras sa bilis!

For the mean time, PCEC-NYC is surely amazed by how God moved at the coliseum yesterday, they even announced Youth Factor 8's schedule last night, agad-agad!!! We're all thrilled for another moment to praise and worship Jesus with bigger venue and larger crowd! Let's keep praying for the organizers, OK? :)

screen captured via Youth Factor 7 official Facebook page