I Am A Christian Blogger

"We buy into what others say about us, or we put restrictions on ourselves. What's worse is that when you consider yourself unworthy, you are putting limits on how God can work through you!

When you give up on your dreams, you put God in a box. After all, you are His creation. He made you for a purpose. Therefore your life cannot be limited any more than God's love can be contained.  I have a choice. You have a choice."

In my previous post, you just read about "God's box of surprises for me"..and I'll try hard to describe what my Maker is doing in my life right now.. I remember my prayer since February 1... "Lord, surprise me. Let Your will be done. Let Your purpose prevail." then last July 21 I added... "Almighty God, do as you promised."

Upon waiting for God to reveal His plans for me, just last weekend I received a couple of letters for me.. Surprise! I got invites [as a blogger... as a CHRISTIAN blogger]!!! Wow! Blogger pala talaga ako at may naliligaw pa pala dito harhar!

And then I prayed for it... should I confirm my attendance or not? I did my devotions and even asked for little go signs like getting permission to leave early at work. And the peace and joy of the Lord came to me. Truly, everything works together for good to those who love God according to His purpose.

And so I went to the first meeting at Ortigas with new blogger friends Joseph and Aira, sir Bong and Light Network officers Bro Next and Sis Ella. And I felt really blessed to hear their exciting news and testimonies. I'll talk about these on my next post, very exciting!

Meanwhile, on my way home from the meeting, the Lord reminded me that my influence as a Christian blogger is not pea-size actually but rather larger than life since the online blog is on the worldwide web.. maybe I got few visitors everyday but I do not know how many I am reaching with and how my random posts affect their lives... and because I blog about something ... it's now not limited inside of me but exposed to many who use the internet. My blog, my words, my faith and my influence are now outside the box. Okay, this is serious, I thought for a moment. ...with greater power comes greater responsibility.. familiar e? very true!

As I was saying ever since I started this blog, I'm imperfect and it's only by the grace of God that I can continue this journey with Him. I can't boast my gifts, talents, skills or this blog to say that I'm great and amaze people. But I'm confident to tell you that there's still hope for you and me. Jesus Christ is our only hope. I already made a decision to anchor my life in Him and I believe that He's doing something great for me. I have faith--today is no accident you 're reading this. God wants you. He loves you. Just make a decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Ask for forgiveness of your sins. Ask Him to enter and manage your life starting now. Repent and never come back to your old ways. My prayer is for you to be able to overcome your doubts and temptations to stumble and fall. You are also a clay at work by the Potter... You'll get better. God is with you. Amen.


In my next post, I'll also share about the happenings at the OMF Literature Bloggers Bookworn Meet-up and more about my meeting with Light Network friends. Please wait for me! ^_^ God bless!


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