Saved Festival 2014: No Other Name

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Saved Festival 2014 #NoOtherName

SMART Araneta  October 11, 2014

Victory Worship (all original songs)

1 Faithful 
2 Radical Love
3 Jesus My Savior
4 Grace Changes Everything

1 Holy
2 Freedom is Here by Hillsong United
3 Break My Heart 
4 Set a Fire (No Place I'd Rather Be) by Jesus Culture w/ Martin Smith 
5 Esther
6 You Awaken
7 Oceans by Hillsong United

Israel Houghton & New Breed
1 Jesus the Same
2 Lord You Are Good
3 Mighty To Save by Hillsong United but in reggae ;)
4 Rez Power
5 Te Amo
6 One Thing Remains by Kristian Stanfill
7 In Jesus' Name by Darlene Zschech and Israel
8 Unknown
"I Will Live / The Atmosphere of Expectation is the breeding place for miracles"
9 Who's Report Shall You Believe? 
10 Give Thanks
11 Unknown
"Jesus, You'll never forget... You never failed me yet"
12 Risen
13 New song...
"our God is great and glorious / Able to save and deliver us / Our God reigns"
14 New song...
"Your grace is chasing me down / Goodness and mercy following me down / I can't outrun Your grace"
15 Covered
16 Medley: That's why I love You / You Won’t Let Go? / I Love You Lord
17 Your Presence Is Heaven
18 New song...
"So Amazing, so amazing / Your love for us is overwhelming / How awesome is our God"
19 (I Am A) Friend of God
20 Not Forgotten
21 Jesus At The Center
**I'm not super familiar with Israel & New Breed's songs that's why I'm having a hard time figuring out the titles of some songs. But some of the new songs are for the Alive In Asia album which they also recorded live at Araneta that night for the upcoming album cover, now that's really exciting! Kindly message me if there are mistakes with the setlist, thanks!

Notes: Wow! Intense worship event! It started on time! at 7:30PM and ended at 12:30AM! How about that? 5 loooong hours for Jesus Christ alone! I pray that everyone will continue to worship and pray to Him with so much passion.

My second time to hear Francis Chan but the first time was via radio I think. I'm amazed for His boldness. From the way he speaks - I believe he does not compromise his faith and the truth (Word of God) to win other's favor. I'll write about his message later.

lights pa more!!! ^_^

Israel & New Breed as they performed their last song. #AliveInAsia