Dear Mr. Storyteller

November 18, 2014

Dear Mr. Storyteller,

It’s been three years since the last time I heard about your stories but I can still remember bits of them. Your own way of speaking your wild mind was just so genuine that sometimes we, your listeners, were fooled of your made-up plots. You’d always just leave a smirk on your face signaling your success on tricking us again.  But you were charming not to be loved and by this you became an entertainment legend to everyone.

 I also admire your memory about many things of the past and your overflowing generosity to share your knowledge with us. You’re like a walking newspaper, an Encyclopedia, a radio announcer, sportscaster, a TV host and a comic strip to me.

You’re so full of wisdom and humor but never rude, though you were scary when you’re mad... really.

Your daughter became a storyteller as well… and forever will be. I am grateful to God for giving me this talent of yours. Storytelling was our favorite pastime together and you usually put me on your lap when I was little. At this very moment, I recall your laugh and my giggles, your grin and my frowning face, your bright eyes and mine.

I miss you Mr. Storyteller.

It was just last night when I realized where my passion for storytelling came from. As usual, I love to discuss my thoughts about current events, folklore, history, faith and many more things to people. I always find myself excited to share what I've just learned from random sources. I even competed with others back at school, remember?

Three years had gone but your stories live on. Some people see you in me – a storyteller.

I believe you’re having more enjoyable things to do and stories to tell there with our Lord. All your questions about life would be answered and sickness does not bother you anymore. You can also now sing your heart out to bring praise and worship unto the King of kings. 

Someday, we’ll share our stories together again. I’m excited to hear your new adventures. But for now, I will continue walk on earth and share the greatest story of all, how our Savior Jesus redeemed us all and His promise to give us eternal life to be with Him forever.

I love you Mister.


The Curly Storyteller

my Tatay - the Storyteller