Just make an improvement

Go, get your freedom my dear friend 
Or should I say, I am going now and I am getting my freedom back  
You must know that your selfishness is too much to take 
Giving words that encourage are not effective anymore 
Your tongue hurts us so much you won't care at all 
But then here we are catching you again and again 
Sad but true - you are a nightmare sometimes 
Misery and darkness inside of you affect us somehow 
Our friendship chain has been a little rusty ever since 
But I hope in the future, you'll have a change of heart 
Please don't wait for the day - everyone on your list will be gone 
You don't need to be perfect, just make an improvement 

photo source
Inspired by a post from RightNow.ph, "A Painful Jump", about a person who writes a letter to a friend who keeps on jumping off that awful bridge again and again... but this time, the writer grows tired and decides not to catch her/him next time. I can relate so much for I have someone as toxic as in the said post. I won't give more details for I already wrote my feelings above.

Once in my life, I also became this person. I was not even aware of my own gloominess until the day a friend had rebuked me. I was really thankful for that confrontation but of course, her words hurt me at first. But when I was doing a self-check - I realized that she's right and I had to do something to improve myself and outlook in my circumstances. It was not easy but worth it. 

Be the person you'd like to meet and cherish forever. 
Nobody wants to keep a toxic treasure so let's all try to be better.